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Language Translator FAQ

Complete Guide to a Great Experience

Vavus Language Translator Device

  • Clear, Real time and Accurate Translation - While Other instant translator devices can’t translate many different languages, the Vavus 4G Translation device features 109 languages and dialects while providing high accuracy and fast speed. It's like having a handheld dictionary in your pocket.

  • We Value Your Priorities: If you love traveling and love learning new cultures, we designed the most efficient Portable Instant Voice Translator. Imagine speaking sentences understood by almost 90% of the world population. If you aren’t completely happy with your 4G Translators, our US-based customer service will take care of you either through phone or email.

  • Our mission is to build high-end translators devices for all languages at an affordable price. We are an American family business and our products are tested by language experts. The Vavus Pocket Translator is built in collaboration with top language software enterprises in Automatic Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, and text-to-speech to provide a 98% accurate two way language translation. an instant translator device that covers all your travel or business needs.

  • For the People, By the People – We take pride in designing the most complete device for all your needs. The Vavus Translator features a loud sound system, large touchscreen, Bluetooth to connect to your EarPods and a great camera to translate any street signs, documents, or restaurant menus. Activate the Wi-Fi Hotspot with our worldwide sim card to be able to connect your devices to the internet.

  • A Perfect Gift with the ability to record up to one hour and with the ability to connect to any other Vavus Language Translator, anywhere in the world, to create a conference between many people that speak different languages and have a multi-lingual group chat. You can also calculate the foreign exchange rate or do an electronic unit conversation into local dimensions simply by scrolling through the many features the device has to offer.

Online Languages:

Chinese English (US) Japanese French German Arabic (Egypt) Spanish Spanish (Mexico) Russian English (Australia) English (Canada) Korean Arabic (Kuwait) Vietnamese Icelandic French (Canada) Arabic (Algeria) Malayalam (India) English (South Africa) Arabic (Bahrain) Spanish (Bolivia) Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)Telugu (India) Spanish (US) Portuguese Arabic (UAE) Arabic (Tunisia) Polish Spanish (Paraguay)Tamil (Malaysia) Arabic (Palestinian State) Italian English (Philippines) Bulgarian Hungarian Croatian Burma Swahili (Kenya) Bengali Arabic (Oman) Spanish (El Salvador) Spanish (Guatemala) English (Kenya) Finnish Spanish (Argentina) Laotian Tamil (Sri Lanka) Bengali (India) Danish English (Tanzania) Slovenian Spanish (Colombia)Tamil (India) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Tamil (Singapore) Czech Spanish (Dominican Republic) English (Nigeria) Hindi Arabic (Morocco) Arabic (Iraq) Spanish (Puerto Rico) Spanish (Ecuador) Portuguese (Brazil) Catalan Indonesian Filipino Spanish (Venezuela) Spanish (Honduras) Arabic (Israel) Thai Nepali Urdu (India) Armenian English (Ghana) Spanish (Uruguay) Marathi (India) Hebrew Khmer (Cambodia) English (Ireland) Spanish (Panama) Spanish (Costa Rica) Cantonese Spanish (Nicaragua) Swedish Ukrainian English (New Zealand) Afrikaans Malay English (India) Spanish (Chile) Latvia Arabic (Qatar) Slovak Arabic (Lebanon) Spanish (Peru) Chinese (Traditional) Turkish Sundanese (Indonesia) Javanese (Indonesia) Romanian Serbian Dutch Greek Arabic (Jordan) Norwegian Urdu Swahili (Tanzania)


Offline languages

Chinese (Simplified) English (US) Japanese French German Spanish Russian Korean Portuguese Dutch Italian Chinese (Traditional)


Photo translation languages

Chinese English (US) French German Japanese Russian Spanish Hindi Hungarian Afrikaans Croatian Vietnamese Bengali Icelandic Korean Arabic (Egypt) Catalan Filipino Indonesian Latvian Finnish Slovak Chinese (Traditional) Thai Turkish Nepali Danish Romanian Serbian Marathi (India) Dutch Hebrew Greek Portuguese Slovenian Polish Tamil (India) Czech Italian Norwegian Cantonese Urdu Swedish Bulgarian

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