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Discover the Exciting Developments Awaiting in 2024

Integrating the Vavus language translation tool with the ChatGPT API

Vavus 3 is set to feature an integrated ChatGPT API, offering the market's most precise translation capabilities. Additional highlights include real-time continuous translation (Translating Speech continuously as It Is Being Heard with sound), a variety of voice options, and much more.


HIPAA Compliance

Our upcoming device is being designed to meet HIPAA compliance. We are diligently ensuring that it adheres to all necessary regulations and standards for use in hospitals and government entities.


Vavus ChatGPT Translating App

Our software will also be accessible as an app for both Android and iOS devices. Though it may not match the efficiency of a dedicated language translator device, our aim is to deliver the most accurate translation experience to a broader audience.


Vavus Translating Earbuds

Our cutting-edge earbuds, tailored for translation, will utilize our new app for enhanced language interpretation.

Black Wireless Earbuds
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