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  • Do you offer free shipping?
    Yes, we do offer Free Shipping on all US orders.
  • What languages does the device translate?
    While connected to the internet, the device has access to the following languages: Chinese English (US) Japanese French German Arabic (Egypt) Spanish Spanish (Mexico) Russian English (Australia) English (Canada) Korean Arabic (Kuwait) Vietnamese Icelandic French (Canada) Arabic (Algeria) Malayalam (India) English (South Africa) Arabic (Bahrain) Spanish (Bolivia) Sinhalese (Sri Lanka)Telugu (India) Spanish (US) Portuguese Arabic (UAE) Arabic (Tunisia) Polish Spanish (Paraguay)Tamil (Malaysia) Arabic (Palestinian State) Italian English (Philippines) Bulgarian Hungarian Croatian Burma Swahili (Kenya) Bengali Arabic (Oman) Spanish (El Salvador) Spanish (Guatemala) English (Kenya) Finnish Spanish (Argentina) Laotian Tamil (Sri Lanka) Bengali (India) Danish English (Tanzania) Slovenian Spanish (Colombia)Tamil (India) Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Tamil (Singapore) Czech Spanish (Dominican Republic) English (Nigeria) Hindi Arabic (Morocco) Arabic (Iraq) Spanish (Puerto Rico) Spanish (Ecuador) Portuguese (Brazil) Catalan Indonesian Filipino Spanish (Venezuela) Spanish (Honduras) Arabic (Israel) Thai Nepali Urdu (India) Armenian English (Ghana) Spanish (Uruguay) Marathi (India) Hebrew Khmer (Cambodia) English (Ireland) Spanish (Panama) Spanish (Costa Rica) Cantonese Spanish (Nicaragua) Swedish Ukrainian English (New Zealand) Afrikaans Malay English (India) Spanish (Chile) Latvia Arabic (Qatar) Slovak Arabic (Lebanon) Spanish (Peru) Chinese (Traditional) Turkish Sundanese (Indonesia) Javanese (Indonesia) Romanian Serbian Dutch Greek Arabic (Jordan) Norwegian Urdu Swahili (Tanzania) Offline languages Chinese (Simplified) English (US) Japanese French German Spanish Russian Korean Portuguese Dutch Italian Chinese (Traditional) Photo translation languages Chinese English (US) French German Japanese Russian Spanish Hindi Hungarian Afrikaans Croatian Vietnamese Bengali Icelandic Korean Arabic (Egypt) Catalan Filipino Indonesian Latvian Finnish Slovak Chinese (Traditional) Thai Turkish Nepali Danish Romanian Serbian Marathi (India) Dutch Hebrew Greek Portuguese Slovenian Polish Tamil (India) Czech Italian Norwegian Cantonese Urdu Swedish Bulgarian
  • Can I connect to earbuds?
    Absolutely. A notable feature of our language translator is its ability to connect to earbuds, transforming it into a wireless translator. However, you would need to speak directly into the device for it to function.
  • Can I use the wifi hotspot from my cellphone to use this translator device instead of paying for service when using the sim card?
    Yes you can. The translator can connect to any available WiFi, including WiFi Hotspot. You don't need to pay for data for the first three years.
  • How much translation does the device have with the data that it comes with?
    The device offers unlimited translation services for three years, beginning from the moment it is activated.
  • Can the speaking voice be changed to male?
    Unfortunately, the voice cannot be changed to male.
  • Does it have currency conversion?
    Our translator can calculate the exchange rate between any of the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, HK Dollar, Pataca (MOP), JPY, CNY, Korean Won (KRW), Swiss Franc (CHF), Canadian Dollars (CAD), SGD, Swedish Krona (SEK), Danish Krone (DKK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (AUD), MYR, South African Rand (ZAR),, Philippine Peso (PHP), Thai Baht (THB), Russian Ruble (RUB), Saudi Riyal (SAR), New Taiwan Dollar (TWD), UAB Dirham (AED) and Vietnamese Dong (VND),
  • Must you purchase a separate package for Offline translation. Also can you use your cellular phone as a hotspot providing WiFi if online?
    No, you do not. The offline packages are free of charge. These are the offline packages we currently have available: Chinese (Simplified) English (US) Japanese French German Spanish Russian Korean Portuguese Dutch Italian Chinese (Traditional) Once you receive the device and connect to the internet, you can download any of these languages.
  • Does this unit have a extra warranty l could purchase?
    The device comes with a one year warranty. If the device breaks withing one year, we will either refund you or send you a replacement.
  • If I don't like the device, can I return it?"
    Yes! Just contact us within 30 days of your delivery and we will give you a label for free return. No questions asked.


Common issues and how to fix them

Network Initialization Failed

If this error appears, it indicates that you are not connected to the internet. Attempt to connect to WiFi or activate the SIM Card. When activating the SIM Card, ensure that you are in a location with strong cellular service. If the error continues, consider resetting the device.

Device is slow

The sluggish performance of the device may be due to being too far from WiFi or experiencing weak cellular service. To evaluate the speed, use the offline translation app. Additionally, try resetting the device. If it remains slow, please get in touch with us.

Device doesn't turn on

The issue might be that the device is out of power. Plug it in and ensure that the power cable is functioning correctly. Charge it until it reaches 100%. The device should operate correctly afterward.

I don't see 4G on the screen

Ensure that you have first activated the SIM card. Wait for up to 24 hours to receive a confirmation email. After receiving this email, you should see the 4G connection appear within a few minutes.

Device is not charging

First, verify that the cable is functional. Then, leave the device to charge overnight. If the device has been unused for an extended period, such as a couple of months, this issue may occur.

SIM Card is blocked

Ensure you are using the SIM tray pin correctly. Insert it into the tiny hole on the device and press firmly until the tray pops out. If it doesn't open initially, try pressing harder.

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