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         Begin by inserting your new SIM card, which should already be inside the device, using the tool provided. To activate the SIM, simply fill out the form with the SIM Card Number. This number starts with +372 and can be found on the white card inside the box, or on the back of the SIM Card if you remove it.

          Activation usually occurs quickly, but it can take between 10-15 minutes to 10 hours for full functionality. Additionally, you'll need to enter your order number and email address. To find your Amazon order number, log into your Amazon account and navigate to 'Your Orders,' or check your order confirmation email, where the order number will be listed.
For assistance, contact us via our chat or at
          Remember, the complimentary unlimited data plan is solely for translation purposes. Using the Vavus SIM Card for a Wi-Fi hotspot will deactivate the internet, requiring reactivation. For guidance on activating the SIM card, refer to the videos and images below.

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Activate SIM CARD

Thank you for submitting your request. Please wait for a confirmation e-mail from us. We will activate the SIM Card ASAP. It could take up to 10 hours. We do apologize for this incoveniece.

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Step 1: Insert the SIM Card into the device using your sim tray pin

Step 2: Find the SIM Card Number and enter it into the form.

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Step 3: Locate your Amazon, Tik Tok or Shopvavus Order Number and enter it into the form.

Step 4: Enter your e-mail address and submit the form. You will see a thank you prompt.

Step 5: Wait for the confirmation e-mail. It might take a few hours. You should see 4G at the top right of the screen once the SIM Card is fully activated.

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