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Lady enjoying a nice conversation with the vavus translator device.

Speak the World, Seamlessly.

Reinventing The Travel Experience

Don’t let the language barrier prevent you from making new meaningful connections – If you love traveling and love learning new cultures, we got you! Vavus designed the most efficient Language Translators. Imagine being able to translate sentences spoken by almost 90% of the world's population.

Your pocket bridge to global conversations. Never get lost in a translation! 

Summer Sale! Vavus SmartAI
$30 Discount

  VAVUS SmartAI 
Your travel companion

Easy to carry, anywhere.

Embark on a linguistic adventure that adapts with you. Lightweight and compact, Vavus fits effortlessly in your pocket, ready to accompany you on your journey. It's not just a tool; it's a travel companion that evolves with your communication needs, ensuring you're prepared for any conversation, anywhere.

What comes with the Vavus Translator

Engineered for precision.

What comes with the Vavus 2 Translator

Be connected everywhere you go!

Your pocket bridge to global conversations! Never get lost in a translation! We take pride in designing the most complete device for all your needs

Connect to either WiFi or to our Worldwide Sim Card. If for some reason you can't connect to the internet, our translator got you covered with 16 offline languages. Just make sure to download them before.

Free 2-4 day Shipping

All us orders come with free shipping! We ship the translator as soon as we receive your order. Depending on your location, the device should arrive in 2-4 business days.

US Based Customer Support

Contact us through either e-mail, phone, or right on the website through our chat, and our US Based Customer Service will take care of you!

+1 (888) 258-2213

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Free 30-Day Returns on qualifying orders!

- the 30-day trial period starts when the device was delivered

- device is returned in good condition with all the accesories.

Our mission is to build a high-end Translator Device at an affordable price.

We are an American family business, and our products are tested by language experts for an unforgettable experience. The Vavus Language Translator is built in collaboration with top language engine enterprises in ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), MT (Machine Translation), and TTS (text-to-speech) to provide a 99% accurate translation and an All-In-One device that covers all your travel or business needs.

picture with the translator


Our devices come with a Sim Card that you can use almost anywhere in the world. With our unlimited data plan as a gift from us, the device can be used continuously in most countries of the world (including USA).

Activate the SIM Card to start your plan.

picture with the components of the device

Minimal & smart design

The Vavus Translator features a loud sound system, large touchscreen, Bluetooth to connect to your EarPods and a great camera to translate any street signs, documents, or restaurant menus.

Loud Stereo Sound System

Powerful Battery

Fast Translation Speed

Intuitive and Large Touchscreen

Extra Features

Our device comes with many extra features that make your travel or business experience priceless.

Currency Exchange

Our device features a live currency exchange of the main global currencies

Conference mode

Connect to other vavus translators and start translating in multiple languages at once with your friends or business partners

Superior design

We have designed the language translators to be as easy as possible to use. This is why we included both touchscreen and large essential buttons.

Highly compatible

Connect the bluetooth to either a speaker or earbuds and transform your translation experience!

Simple setup

Just turn on the device, connect to wifi or activatethe sim card and you're ready to go.

Measurement converter

Our Translator can convert different local measurements like miles, pounds or ounces.

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