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Vavus Helps the Savvy Traveler Reach Peace of Mind With Its Worldwide Data and Voice Plans

An Avid Traveler Needs To Be Connected At All Times

As a traveler myself, I understood that I always need to be connected to the internet for many different reasons. That's why we partnered with a renowned global Sim Card provider, and now, we are able to offer you internet where you can't easily access it.


To either share an experience live my friends and family or to either connect with locals on a different level, the Vavus Sim Card is there to help you.


We are giving a $10 credit Sim Card that you can use worldwide as a gift for purchasing our Language Translator because we think it will be of assitance when you need it the most.


Use Worldwide

Works in over 135+ countries, with a single card & phone number.


Better Coverage

Wherever you are because we use over 300 networks all around the world to keep you connected


Long Airtime

Use the Sim Card for a year and a half (18 months). The usual Sim Card expires after only six months.


100% Satisfaction

If you change your mind, we will issue you a refund to the last penny on all unused services from 14 days of purchase.

About Our Sim Card

With high-speed internet and the ability to make and receive phone calls and texts worldwide, our Sim Card is a must-have for every world traveler.


It's prepaid
You're in control of the costs


Customer Support

We are there if you need help (but we doubt you will)


Best SIM

We choose the best Sim for you, saving up to 85%.


Data Plans
We made it easy for you. Choose from our different data plans that are based on where you are traveling. 


Calls and Text
Low-cost calls, texts and data in over 210 destinations


We can help you!
We can help you!

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Choose either a data plan or direct pay

Top-Up your Sim Card 

Thanks for your order!

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